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The best portable baby car seat for sale 2021

When traveling by car with our family, the safety of children is, without a doubt, the most important factor to take into account. Therefore, you should be well informed about which are the car seats for babies that guarantee you greater safety and that comply with the regulations.

We have prepared this post so you can find out about the latest in design, brands and prices of baby car seats, and you can buy the product that best suits your family and your budget.

Best sellers portable baby car seat in amazon 2021

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What should you consider before buying a baby car seat?

1. Child’s weight and age

The first thing you should take into account when buying a newborn car seat or baby car seat  is the age and weight of your child. As you may have seen, car seats are designed to support certain weight ranges, and to be used after a certain age. If you want to buy a lightest infant car seat that lasts a long time, we recommend those that support wide weight ranges, which, for the most part, can be used up to 12 years of age.

2. Compliance with safety standards

It is very important that the seat you choose has been tested according to the regulations of the European Community, this way you will have the guarantee that your baby is safe and protected. The car seats that we have described in this post have been tested under the regulations ece44 / 04, so you can buy any of them, and be sure that you have bought a totally reliable product.

3. Headrests and anti impact systems

One of the most important points to consider is that the car seat offers some system to support the head, and if it is adjustable better. Also, chairs that come with systems that prevent the baby’s head from tilting forward while sleeping should be among the first options. Remember that, most of the time, babies fall asleep inside the car, so it is essential to protect them from injuries to the neck or head. Chairs with side systems that absorb impact are also highly recommended, as they are very safe in the early stages of growth.

4. Anchorage system

On this point, baby car seats that incorporate the IsoFix anchorage system are highly recommended, as they provide a lot of stability. However, in many cases car seats with this system may not be compatible with your car, so, before purchasing this type of product, you should check what type of anchorage fits your car. If you do not have a car compatible with the IsoFix system, we recommend car seats that come with seat belts with various attachment points.

5. Comfort

When buying a car seat, you should not forget that your baby should feel comfortable, that is why we recommend car seats that can recline and that have padded fabrics in different areas. All these features will help your baby travel comfortably. It is also important to check the quality of the fabric, preferring those that are soft and breathable. Lastly, it is very important that the chair is washable, since it is a product for continuous use, which can easily get dirty.

Types of car seats by weight and age

When buying a baby car seat, you should know that there is a weight and age classification, which is used by manufacturers to direct their products to a certain category of consumers. Here we present it to you, to serve as a guide when buying.

  • Group 0 chairs: they are for babies weighing between 0 and 10 kilos, so they are almost always adapted to ages between 9 and 12 months of age. In most cases they have a removable, capsule-type seat for easier transport of newborns.
  • Group I chairs: they are for children between 9 and 18 kilos, whose ages range from 1 to 3 years. They must have their own seat belt so that the child can travel seated.
  • Group II chairs: they are for the use of children weighing between 15 and 25 kilos, with ages between 3 and 7 years. And they should bring padded seats to provide better support.
  • Group III chairs: for children weighing 22 to 36 kilos, who are generally older than 7 years, who train a cushion that lifts the child so that they can correctly use the car’s safety belt.

Best brands of baby car seats

  • Star Ibaby – This brand is highly recognized as it incorporates the latest technology in the manufacture of car seats. With features like ultra-comfortable padding and the IsoFix system. In addition to car seats, this brand manufactures all kinds of child care products, which stand out for their quality.
  • Piku – This brand of Spanish origin, has been dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of baby car seats, which is why its products are recognized for their practicality and the safety they offer. In addition, the value for money in the products of this brand is truly exceptional.
  • Cybex -This brand is among the best, because it has dedicated itself exclusively to designing products related to the safe transport of babies, that is why, in its catalog you will find other products such as baby carriers and strollers, highly appreciated for their quality.

What is a infant car seat?

It is the most appropriate protection method for when children have to travel in a vehicle. These baby kits are quite useful and easy to install, they serve a lot for those people who have to travel frequently, either to solve personal issues or to move their babies from home to nursery and vice versa.

How to use a best baby car seat?

Generally, car seats are a safe ally for all parents when traveling with their baby; Well, thanks to this accessory you can give the little one complete comfort and safety. The different models are classified by groups between 0 months and up to 12 years of age, so when using one of these products, you will need to carefully review the specifications. Here, we teach you a series of steps on how to use a car seat correctly.

  1. Read the instruction manual: Before starting to use the car seat, it is essential that you read the instructions carefully, so you can get used to the product and know the correct way to use it. Also, you will find some tips on cleaning the upholstery, which is essential to do properly to make this accessory more durable.
  2. Place the reducer: The reducer is an element used for the baby’s first months, which provides greater comfort and security to his delicate body. Fixing this piece is quite easy, requiring you to place it on the chair and secure it at the appropriate points. Do not forget to check that it does not slide with the movement.
  3. Assemble the chair: The assembly of the chair is very simple, you only have to place it on the back seat of your vehicle and crisscross the seat belt at the back of the structure to secure. Besides, if the model includes an ISOFIX type anchorage system and this is compatible with the car, do not hesitate to implement it, as it will offer you greater stability.
  4. Regulates the chair: Mostly, this type of chair offers certain adjustment points such as the height of the headrest and its corresponding recline, so it is necessary that you know the respective buttons included in the structure to fulfill these functions. So you can press them and at the same time adjust it to the desired position.
  5. Adjust the safety harness: To make the adjustment of this element, you will need to seat the baby in the chair. Then carefully slide the belt over the child’s chest, crotch, waist, or shoulders. Remember that this may vary depending on the model chosen. Finally, it hooks each of the prepared closure systems between the harness and the structure.
  6. Clean the chair: This point will depend on the design of the chair. If it has a removable lining, you can wash it with water and neutral soap, as recommended by the manufacturer. On the other hand, if the cover is not removed, you must clean the surface using a dry cloth with a specialized product or use a hand vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris.

Where to locate the child car seat?

The safest car seat place to place the baby car seat is in the central rear seat, since it is far from all impact zones. However, several models of vehicles or chairs do not allow this option, therefore you must choose between the sides.

Therefore, the best option is the right seat, since there the exposure on the two-way tracks is less, so you can get on and off the child, being further away from traffic.

How long should children use car seats?

This will depend on the laws of each country. Although, the use of this chair was generally mandatory until 12 years of age. However, new laws state that limits are attributed by the child’s height and not his age.
Some countries have embraced this modality determining that the use of this chair is mandatory for all infants who are 1.35 meters or less.

How to choose a best travel car seat?

Without a doubt, the safety of our children when leaving home or traveling is a priority for families, hence the legal and mandatory regulation that every child must be seated in the vehicle in a chair specially indicated for him. And with multiple options on the market, it can often be difficult to choose exactly the most suitable chair for our baby, for this reason, we show you the most important points to acquire the best car seat, with which we hope to clarify your doubts.

Easy to use and transport

If you have several vehicles and you need to change the seat from one car to another or if you need to remove it frequently, it is best to choose a light and quick-coupling chair, so that you do not worry about carrying too much weight or waste time adjusting it. If you have several cars, take into account that the anchorage system must be compatible for all of them.


Check the type of adjustment that the car seat you want has, since today the Isofix anchorage system is distinguished as the safest, but also the most expensive. This system is based on two rings that are attached to the body of the vehicle in which the chair is attached directly through rigid bars. Apart from this, the chair includes the safety harness with which to hold the baby and an additional point, either upper or lower, that will stretch the chair so that it is securely attached to the car seat. However, you must ensure that your vehicle is compatible with this mechanism, otherwise you must buy a chair with traditional installation.

Fit and comfort

Taking into account that your baby is going to grow very fast, you must make sure that the seat belt is easy to adjust, put on or take off with one hand, since this type of model is the most appropriate, since they can be attached Quick and unzip in one motion.

Even if you are looking for a good and cheap chair, your child’s comfort will also be essential, since he will have a good time sitting in it, so you want his seat to be comfortable. To do this, you should check the padding that includes the chair, as well as an appropriate head support with which the baby can rest comfortably and his sleep is not interrupted by a bad position.

Chair weight and size

Measure your vehicle well to estimate how much space you have for the chair, also calculate if, apart from the baby, you require one or two seats in the back. If you have the Side Collision Protection System, you may want the two sides to be installed separately to gain more space on the passenger side.


Certainly, the appearance greatly influences the cost of the product, since there are many models of different colors and designs that you can choose from a varied range until you find the one that matches the upholstery of your vehicle or that predominates for being an attractive print. Likewise, you should check the dimensions of the seat and its weight, as this will influence the handling of the seat when you have to place it or remove it from the car.

Safety and hygiene

Today, the new ranges of baby seats are equipped to identify their resistance to side impacts, that is, they have been designed with special foams that attract force in the event of a side impact to protect the chest and head of your son.

Regarding cleaning, as it is a product that will always be in direct contact with the baby, it must have excellent hygiene and always be kept in good condition, so it is advisable to choose a model that has a removable textile covering and that can be washed in the washing machine or by hand to remove stains or dirt, very frequent when we have a baby.


The diversity of prices is very extensive, however, the safety and comfort of the child must be paramount before the economy. There are endless options, so if you search well, you will be able to find one with an excellent quality-price ratio that meets your needs and those of your baby.

Where to buy a top rated car seat?

There are many virtual platforms that we can visit when choosing the best products, perfect for the smallest of the house when going on a car trip, products at the best prices and of excellent quality. The most recommended web portals are the following:

Amazon: Being one of the best online stores known for its security and speed, it is the best to be the first purchase option. Not only does it have the best offers and promotions on these products, but it also offers the largest number of brands available.
Carrefour: Its repertoire is not the best nor does it have a great variety of products of this type, but you can take advantage of some brands and offers in case you do not get a specific team.
El Corte Inglés: It has very few products in its catalog, likewise, it does not offer a great variety of brands, so it cannot be used in this area.

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