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Top Best Portable Chiropractic Table for sale 2021

If you are a specialist for physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and the working body in general, you have to purchase a Portable Chiropractic Table. These portable Chiropractic tables are perfect thanks to their ideal size and way of adjusting for the affected people.

These professional range tables will facilitate the work to be done, they are stable, strong and easy to transport and fold.

Buy the best Portable Chiropractic Table of 2021

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Why buy a portable chiropractic table?

If you are a professional in physical therapists, chiropractors or massage therapists, you must have A portable Folding Chiropractic Table. These aside from that they facilitate the work to you, they make you look professional when having a specialized table.

The lightweight portable chiropractic tables are very sturdy and you can easily adjust the height and bend to store, they do not take up much space.

What is the chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a science of health that offers natural care that is without medication and without surgery. It helps you regain your full vital potential through the innate ability of your body to adapt and heal itself.

The term comes from the Greek kheir meaning “hand” and praktikos meaning “putting into action”. Thus Chiropractic is the “action by hand”.

Indeed, the chiropractor works mainly by means of his hands and may if necessary assist mechanically.

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What is the subluxations?

It is a neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction that can create local pain but especially remote disorders by disrupting the good communication between the brain and part of the body. But the body needs all its parts to function at its full potential since no one was put there by chance. So subluxation affects the whole body by reducing our self-healing abilities.

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It is here that the chiropractor intervenes whose role is to ensure the free circulation of our vital force by adjusting the subluxations settling down in the course of our life.

Once released from interference by your chiropractor, the nerve impulse can again circulate freely and your innate intelligence can then operate to restore and maintain your health!

What are the benefits of chiropractic and why buy a small chiropractic table?

The benefits of chiropractic for the body are several, we list them below.

To remedy pain and other physical symptoms

The symptoms are only there to warn you that something is wrong, it’s time to change; they no longer have any reason to be when the body regains its self-healing abilities. Thus the disappearance of the symptoms becomes only a consequence of a better functioning of the body!

Reduce low back pain (low back pain or low back pain), The effectiveness of chiropractic in treating low back pain has been the subject of several systematic reviews, one of which has compared it to that of conventional treatments or placebos. Whether for acute or chronic low back pain (ie, recent or old), chiropractic adjustments have been shown to be more effective than placebo treatments in relieving pain and improving the functional status of patients.  

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In 2006, two studies specifically evaluated the long-term effect of chiropractic, 12 months 5 and 18 months after treatment. Participants reported less pain during this period compared with other treatment groups (exercise program6 or conventional medical care6).     

Another study, involving 672 patients with lower back pain, points out a higher degree of satisfaction among individuals who received chiropractic care7. The authors explain it by the fact that these patients evoke having more explanations and more advice than those who consulted classical doctors.

Relieve headaches (headaches)

In 2004, a review evaluated the effectiveness of various headache treatments. Twenty-two studies, totaling 2,628 patients, with 5 different types of headache were selected, of which 10 were interested in chiropractic.

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Among these studies, five 9-13 dealing with cervico-genic headaches (having an origin in the neck), reported that chiropractic adjustments have short-term effectiveness on pain compared to massage and placebos.

These studies also concluded that chiropractic is more effective than neck rehab programs in the intensity and frequency of these headaches.
Two studies focusing on tension headaches 14, 15, demonstrated the effectiveness of chiropractic for immediate relief without significant difference in seizure frequency.

Finally, three studies on migraines 16-18 reported similar results of chiropractic adjustments compared to medical treatment of crisis but recall the fact that chiropractic treatments are associated with much fewer side effects.

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Treat herniated discs and other lumbar dysfunctions

There is controversy about the effect of spinal adjustments on disc herniations. According to some researchers, these techniques are safe and effective, while others say the opposite. The main risk reported by some clinicians is that the manipulation of a hernia could lead to a horsetail syndrome. However, the risk of complication resulting from spinal manipulation is estimated at less than one in 3.7 million cases.

Therapeutic application of adjusting chiropractic table

Today widely used for several types of painful conditions and greatly appreciated by most patients, it is still difficult to officially confirm its effectiveness because of the controversy remaining in our modern era. Scientific studies related to chiropractic still remain contradictory. Although the contradiction exists, the presence of more than 80,000 chiropractors worldwide confirms the effective relief of the majority of patients receiving this form of treatment.

A chiropractic session with a portable chiro table can last between 5 and 30 minutes depending on the severity of the problem and the patient’s response to the treatment. The sessions can easily be from a few days to a few months. A dozen sessions of treatment is on average necessary to effectively relieve the patient or heal as appropriate. As this is an average, some treatments are very long while others can be relatively shorter with the use of chiropractic flexion distraction tables.

Sports accompaniment and chiropractic

Many top athletes are accompanied by chiropractors such as Usain Bolt, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods or AC Milan footballers. They receive daily follow-up in a multidisciplinary clinic run by a chiropractor who puts their overall vision of health at the center of their follow-up. Lance Armstrong, meanwhile, received daily chiropractic care during his tours of France.

Remember, however, that it is not about spinal manipulation but about chiropractic adjustments for neuro-musculoskeletal purposes.

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In fact, by removing interferences present in the nervous system, chiropractic care allows a better capacity of adaptation, thus a lessening of the risk of injury but also better capacities of recovery after the effort or after an injury (tendinopathy28 by example) and an increase in sports performance.

Remember that chiropractors are the only natural health practitioners approved by the International Olympic Committee (and WHO) since the 1990s.

Chiropractic in practice

The chiropractor is the only non-physician therapist authorized to practice spinal manipulation without prior medical authorization.

He can also give advice on lifestyle habits (nutrition, physical exercise, vitamin supplements, etc.).

Chiropractors have been officially recognized by the Ministry of Health in France since 2002 and for decades in the vast majority of developed countries and by WHO (World Health Organization).

One session

Chiropractic is a first-line health profession (like the dentist). You can therefore consult a chiropractor directly without prescription or medical advice.

During your first visit to the chiropractor, he takes note of your health, your background and seeks to know many of your lifestyle. He then proceeds to a general physical examination and more specifically of the spine and in possible painful places. He can perform neuro-orthopedic tests adapted to your symptoms and possibly recommend additional tests (radiographic, blood, etc.).

It then establishes an intervention plan but will also be guided by the reactions of your body over the course of care.

Become a chiropractor

Chiropractic is probably the only profession whose training is an international official standard. It is rigorously implemented by a chair of international chiropractic (CCEI30: Council on Chiropractic Education) which accredits schools after control.

The autonomy and total independence of the profession in relation to other health professions are thus ensured.

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While around thirty schools exist in the world, the Franco-European Institute of Chiropractic (IFEC), comprising two campuses (Paris and Toulouse), is the only training possible in France.

The training includes 5,500 hours spread over 5 years combining practical and theoretical courses then 15 months of internship in the clinic of the school where future practitioners are supervised by the expertise of experienced professionals.

Become a chiropractor and buy a used portable chiropractic tables for sale in amazon in offer.

Buy affordable portable chiropractic adjusting table with drops

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