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Best Portable Dental Unit for sale 2021

The portable dental unit is a set of dental elements on which the dentist and hygienists work. It is a fundamental piece within the dental clinic that aims to facilitate the work of the professional team and provide the patient with the greatest comfort.

Having an appropriate mobile dental unit in your clinic is essential to offer good quality in all dental treatments. Your patients will notice the difference. You can buy one portable dental equipment for sale in our online store, we have very good offers in dental tools.

Best selling Portable Dental Unit in amazon 2021

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What is a portable dental unit?

A dental unit is the necessary work tool of every dental professional. This dental unit it consists of specific parts that include the portable dental chair, stool, lighting, water group, vacuum cleaner, spittoon and other elements that we will explain below.

According to the line, the range and brand of the dental chair will be different from any other and will have specific functionalities

Parts that make up a dental chair?

The dental unit is made up of different parts, such as the chair, the backrest, the head, the instrument tray, the syringe, the hose and the pedal, among others. Next, we proceed to explain in detail each of the parts of the dental unit.

Portable Dental chair unit

The Folding Portable Dental Chair must be ergonomic to facilitate the work between the team of professionals and allow several positions to adapt it to each treatment, need and patient. In turn, it should offer the greatest possible comfort for the person being operated.

In addition, its upholstery should not have creases or roughness to allow proper cleaning and disinfection.

The dental chair is composed of the head, the backrest and the seat.

Dental chair head

The head must be able to adapt to the height of each patient and to people in wheelchairs. It has to be very tight to the backrest.

Dental chair backrest

The backrest should be of smooth back and of greater to smaller width towards the head. It must be possible to regulate with the corresponding command, which is sometimes found in the backup itself.

Seat and footrest

The seat must be adjustable, soft, firm and non-slip. Its surface must be able to be washed with disinfectants. Below is the footrest, which provides greater comfort to the patient.

Team arm

Dental instrument tray

It must be easily reached by the dentist and, in addition, be divided into compartments to place the different instruments. Some of the characteristics that are recommended is that it is resistant and made of stainless steel.

Hose for dental equipment

It is used to place the smooth or screwed rotary instruments, the intraoral chamber, the ultrasound and the polymerization lamp.

Three-use dental chair syringe

Water, air and spray syringes. It is a device adapted to the dental chair hoses.

Dental chair or rheostat pedal

This element is used to activate and manage the functions of the chair and the instruments of the hoses. It can be activated vertically or laterally and square, rectangular or round.

Water equipment

Dental spittoon and tap

Disposable cup and spit cup made of metal, plastic or ceramic. The tap must be activatable and dose adjustable.

Suction system

The suction system or portable dental suction unit is formed by nozzles, terminals and tubes. It must be easy to activate and is located to the left of the operator. It is advisable to clean it daily by aspirating a disinfectant liquid.

Dental chair lamp

The lamp is the element that allows the correct vision of the operative field. It is important that it is articulated so that the dentist can accommodate it in the position you want. Some of its components are the energy source, the bulb, the transformer, the reflector or the condenser.

Dental chair connections

In addition to the parts that make up the dental unit, the necessary connections must also be taken into account so that the dental chair can function optimally. Among them, it is important to have a water supply and outlet line for the cuspidor, a minimum of six electrical contacts, thermal switches, 220 and 110 volt power lines and a general manual switch to disconnect all power at the end of the day .

In short, it is very important to study carefully the parts and characteristics of the dental unit in order to offer the highest quality to your patients.

What is the difference between a dental unit and a dental chair?

Dental units are improperly known as dental chairs. lthough, in this case a difference is established between both denominations. A dental chair is one of the components of the complete unit.

The configuration may vary from one dental unit to another, although there are general trends. Thus, almost all units are equipped with a suction system and an instrument holder that includes the necessary instruments for intervention. Between them:

  • Handpieces: include turbines, contra-angles and micromotors to mill a tooth quickly.
  • The blower, to dry a specific area of ​​the mouth.
  • Scrapers

The armchair is an important part of the set since it is where the consultation is carried out. All chairs allow you to adjust the height of the seat, the inclination and the position of the headrest.

The dental unit also has other elements:

  • A surgical light, which gives the dentist a shadowless view of the patient’s mouth.
  • Suction instruments, to suction excess saliva near the sublingual glands.
  • A spittoon, to evacuate the patient’s rinses during and at the end of the treatment.
  • A pedal, which allows the dentist to activate the instruments.

All reusable instruments are sterilized after each intervention. Many items are disposable.

How does a dental unit work?

Dental units are equipped with:

Compressed air supply

Dental units generally use compressed air. To do this, they are connected to an  dental air compressor or a central network of compressed air. Portable dental equipment with compressors usually supply between 8 and 10 bars at the exit of the tank, this pressure being too high for dental equipment. Between 4.5 and 5.5 bar can be obtained following the manufacturer’s recommendations, with a pressure reducer with a possible filter at the compressor outlet, for example. A good isolation of the query will be essential.

Water supply

Dental units must also be connected to a water supply for rinsing, cleaning and cooling functions. Water can cause many problems in dental units due to lime, sand, mud, rust or chlorine. Likewise, bacterial biofilms can appear quickly on the internal surfaces of the pipes and connected deposits. To avoid such complications, the golden rule is that the clinic has an ergonomic, clean and efficient general stopcock and stops the supply every night. Old faucets that are difficult to access should be avoided. To control the lime in the facilities, there are silicophosphate cartridges that help fight deposits. Its useful life is approximately six months.

Electrical supply

The components of the dental unit, as well as the instruments used during the treatment, may need electrical power. This is the case of micromotors, among others.


Refers to the ability to move the components of the station, such as the chair or the instrument holder. Studies show that working with an instrument tray placed on the articulated arm, above the patient’s chest, is the best way to maintain a good balanced position without compromising the vision of all dental surfaces. It should also be noted that the dentist’s or assistant’s seat should be lower than that of the patient’s chair. In this position, the dentist’s spine retains its natural curvature, which avoids prolonged pressures on the intervertebral discs.

What are the criteria when purchasing a mobile medical dental unit?

Other feeding systems necessary for the proper functioning of the dental unit will be equally important:

The dimensions

The surface available for the installation of a dental unit will determine the number of components and the configuration of the system – compact or not.

The applications

The interventions are varied and cover all the subspecialties of dentistry – endodontics, periodontics, implantology, etc. While there are specific units for certain acts such as orthodontics, for example. It will be necessary to take this into account, especially with regard to the configuration of the instrument holder.


It translates into the possible need for a portable system. There are portable dental units that fit in a suitcase weighing about ten kilos. They can be equipped with an portable dental unit air compressor for the operation of pneumatic handpieces, for example. These units are ideal for missions or mobile dental clinics.

How is a portable mobile dental unit disinfected?

It will be imperative to disinfect the following elements:

Water treatment: recent studies have shown that the cooling circuit can be colonized by different pathogens. The stagnation of water during the night or insufficient maintenance of centralized decalcification systems favor the development of algae or microorganisms such as fungi, which give rise to bacterial biofilms. There are several water disinfection techniques, such as the use of UV rays to eliminate bacteria and prevent the development of biofilms, or automatic cleaning and disinfection systems that treat water with special products are permanently administered at low doses.

The chair: all patients settle in it, and that is why it is exposed to splashes of body fluids such as blood or saliva. If the chair is not properly disinfected, patients and health personnel can be exposed to all types of microorganisms such as herpes virus, HIV, hepatitis B and C viruses, staphylococci, streptococci, etc. These microorganisms can be transmitted through direct contact with blood and other body fluids or even, in some cases, indirectly through contaminated objects. The dental chair can also be exposed to parasites such as lice or bed bugs. It will be crucial to disinfect it with suitable products after each use.

Surfaces: To limit the growth of bacteria, antibacterial coatings on the metal surfaces of the dental unit can be effective. All surfaces should be cleaned with disinfectant products. Some manufacturers offer dental units that allow you to automatically adjust the position of the chair or instruments to minimize hand contact and the risk of contamination.

What accessories do dental equipment offer?

The more advanced dental units offer additional options such as video monitors or X-ray generators.

In the latter case, the intraoral dental radiography systems with phosphor plate allow images to be obtained instantly. In this way, panoramic radiographs or orthodontic images can be obtained. Some manufacturers have launched advanced technologies that guarantee accurate and high contrast images with low radiation doses.

There are also portable dental X-ray generators, which allow intraoral radiographs to be obtained in situations where a wall generator is not available.

More and more professionals are turning to digital dentistry to further optimize their interventions. Thanks to these advanced techniques, panoramic, orthodontic or 3D images can be obtained almost immediately.

5 factors to take into account to choose the best dental chair:

1- Easy to maintain
To maintain the equipment in good condition, daily maintenance is necessary, following the manufacturer’s instructions, some of them are usually the cleaning of the suction filter, disinfection of the cup and hoses and, in addition to this, the lubrication of the rotating instruments.

2- Practical and resistant
Basic dental chairs are much more practical and also more resistant to high traffic. It depends on the number of patients that the equipment undergoes wear, therefore, the more basic its mechanics its resistance will be greater.

3- It must be ergonomic
A good unit should provide the professional with ergonomic positions and patient comfort so that the two can maintain a relaxed posture.

That it adapts, that it goes up and down, that the tray moves, that the lamp moves in all directions, that it has pneumatic control from the feet, etc.

4- Integrated with everything necessary
Lamp, spittoon, tray, pneumatic control unit and stool with wheels. And of course

Where can I buy mobile dental unit?

You can buy used portable dental unit in amazon or purchase a new mobile dental unit in a cheap price in the follow links.

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Mobile-Portable-Rolling-Case-Delivery-Unit-(3 Way-4 Hole)
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Portable Delivery Treatment Cart Unit Equipment Mobile & Compressor
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