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Best portable X-Ray Machine for sale 2021

Portable radiography equipment was created as a solution to the need to perform radiological examinations to patients who cannot be mobilized, this is why we need a portable x ray machine cheap cost and excellent quality, you can find several equipment with that description in this post.

Buy the best portable x-ray machine of 2021

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What is a portable x-ray machine?

A portable X-ray machine is a compact device consisting of a trolley with wheels to transport it and that can be taken to the patient’s hospital bed or to the Emergency Room.

For the digital versions of this equipment, the X-ray images are displayed on the monitor in a matter of seconds allowing rapid decision making.

Their multiple advantages and benefits have made them an indispensable for the clinical-hospital environment. In this article you will know why you should have one of these coveted teams.

Tips for choosing the best portable x-ray equipment

For several years, radiological examinations remain one of the most accessible and important forms of patient examination, since the quality diagnosis and in due course is the cornerstone of an effective treatment.

Today, there is a large number of mobile x ray machine the medical equipment market. All of them belong to completely different price categories and with various technical functionalities. That is why we want to take a look at the varieties of x-ray equipment in this article and, more importantly, advise you on the correct way to choose the best equipment.

Type of X ray machine

According to their specialization and field of application, X-ray equipment is divided into:

  • Dental x-ray instruments, used by dentists (radiovisiographs, orthopantomographs, tomographic scanners);
  • C-arches, which are often used in surgeries, during surgical procedures;
  • Mammography (mammography);
  • Angiographers (type of C-arch);
  • Therapeutic x-ray equipment (photofluorographic units, x-ray supports, x-ray room equipment).

Depending on the operating conditions, the x-ray equipment is divided into fixed and portable.

Classifications of X-ray machines

And in addition, the classification according to the type of receiver is the most important:

  • A digital receiver allows you to take pictures instantly without revealing them; In addition, it allows you to store the information on a computer.
  • An analog receiver works using a special film on which the resulting image is projected; The image can be examined only after the film is revealed.

Why should you have one?

We give you 6 reasons below:

1. It allows to obtain images immediately

The portable radiography equipment has a generator that produces X-rays, which penetrate the patient’s body, in turn these are converted into a digital image thanks to a specialized detector in just a few seconds, these images are shown on the monitor of the equipment allowing to diagnose and treat the patient immediately.

2. Provides greater comfort to the patient:

This type of portable X Ray device allows the required studies to be carried out without the need to mobilize the patient, which allows the patient to be treated with less discomfort, as well as facilitating the work of the medical team making it more efficient.

3. Use a computerized system

Being a fully computerized system, you have the ability to save the images along with the patient’s data allowing copies of the images to be sent and sent via a network or email to the medical team that is treating the patient. In addition, it avoids the physical archiving of radiographs and reduces costs.

4. Images of better quality and sharpness

The quality and sharpness of the images on digital radiography are excellent, compared to that provided by traditional radiography equipment, which facilitates diagnosis.

In addition to this, the professional can manipulate the image to highlight areas of interest and make a more accurate diagnosis.

5. It is mobile and versatile

This type of equipment has a cart with wheels that makes it possible for them to be transported to where they are required. This is the biggest benefit compared to a fixed team. In addition, it has characteristics such as the adjustment of radiation levels that helps to obtain better quality studies. It also has elements that allow the taking of radiographs at difficult angles, which in a traditional machine would be very uncomfortable.

6. It is smaller

Generally these equipments are smaller and more compact than the traditional one, making it much easier to handle for those who handle these machines allowing greater mobility even through narrow aisles and elevators.

Technical specifications an x-ray device

Let’s take a look at some technical specifications that should be given special attention when choosing an best portable x ray machine:

  • X-ray tube specifications: the main ones are: anode heat storage capacity (directly affects system efficiency) and focal point size (the smaller the size of the x-ray tube focal point, the better it will be the picture).
  • Type of generator and power capacity – high-frequency x-ray generators are preferable as they increase the operational life of the x-ray tube, providing maximum safety for patients. Taking into account the power capacity of the generator, the type of x-ray equipment must also be taken into account: the standard power capacity of portable devices can vary between 3, 6, 15 and 30 kW; The power capacity of fixed x-ray equipment ranges from 40 to 80 kW. In addition, the more powerful the generator, the shorter the exposure time and, consequently, the smaller the radiation exposure of the patient.
  • Types of x-ray tube mounting: Fixed equipment has two mounting options: x-ray tubes mounted on the floor and ceiling. The installation of the pipes mounted on the floor is cheaper, and does not require specific dimensions of the room. But if you expect a large stream of patients, it would be better to invest more funds and buy a ceiling-mounted x-ray tube, as it is more reliable and much easier to use. Siemens Multix Top can be considered as a desktop x-ray device.

  • An x-ray table is an essential part for any fixed equipment. There are tables with fixed or adjustable height. If it is possible to move the table vertically, it allows adapting the x-ray system to examine patients with limited movements, as well as for patients with serious diseases. The maximum load supported by the s-table is an equally important feature. Most systems allow examining patients with body weight of up to 200 kilograms. However, some manufacturers create equipment with x-ray tables that support up to 290 kilograms of load or more.

Digital X-ray vs Analog Xray

Finally, you have to decide which x-ray equipment is most suitable for you according to the type of receiver: digital or analog. To help you choose, below we will consider the advantages of both.

Advantages of digital x-ray equipment

  • Better image quality provides the possibility of detecting important details through digital processing;
  • The operating speed offers the possibility to evaluate the image obtained online using the computer;
  • Availability – modern digital x-ray equipment is both portable and fixed, and is widely used in various diseases;
  • Provide the possibility of storing relevant information in digital media, guaranteeing the convenience of data management and efficient use of space;
  • And two other important advantages are the low cost of patient examination and the safety of personnel, since digital equipment does not require revealing images, thus eliminating contact with chemical reagents.

Advantages of analog x-ray equipment

  • The operational scheme of these equipment is generally canoed by all the personnel of the x-ray department;
  • The work of the x-ray department will not depend on whether the computers work well or there are computer failures;
  • They are reliable and can be used for many years;
  • The cost of analog equipment is relatively low compared to digital equipment;
  • Some modern analog equipment includes digital functionality, so if necessary, they can be upgraded to a digital device.

Author’s Note

Thus, taking into account all the necessary details to choose an portable x-ray equipment for sale in amazon , you can choose the perfect option, and what is also important, make it profitable and low cost. In turn, this will ensure the quality of the x-ray department and the proper performance in any clinic.

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