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Best Portable pitching mound for sale 2021

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What is the mound in baseball?

This peculiar distance was set by the makers of the rules in 1893, not because of an error but on purpose. In a baseball field, the pitcher’s mound is a section located in the middle of the diamond, where the pitcher is located when he performs the mechanics of the pitch.

removable pitcher's mound

How tall is the baseball mound?

Measurements: The infield or “inner frame” is a square of 90 feet (27.43 m) on each side, at whose ends the 3 bases and the home plate are located. The pitcher’s mound is 60 feet 6 inches (18.4 m) from home.

Pitcher’s mound

In the center of the diamond there is an open elevation of grass called mound (or also hill or hill) of the pitcher. On the mound, there is a piece of white rubber, called the tailed pitcher’s feet (61 cm) wide plate, the distance from the rubber to the front of the home is exactly sixty feet six inches (18.4 m).

portable game pitching mound

Where is Pitcher’s mound located?

In a baseball field, the pitcher’s mound is a section located in the middle of the diamond, where the pitcher is located when he performs the mechanics of the pitch.

portable baseball mounds

What are the dimensions of Pitcher’s mound?

In Major League Baseball, the mound regulation is 18 feet (5.5 m) in diameter, with the center 59 feet (18.0 m) from the back of the home, on the line between home and the second base.

portable pitching platform

The front edge of the rubber is 18 inches (45.7 cm) behind the center of the mound, which causes the front edge of the midpoint to be 60 feet 6 inches (18.4 m) from the back of the home. Six inches (15.2 cm) in front of the rubber of the mound pitcher begins to lower the slope of the mound. The upper part of the rubber must not exceed ten inches (25.4 cm) above the home in elevation.

Pitcher’s mound advantages

With the advantage of height, the pitcher gains more influence and can put more speed on the descent of the ball, which makes it more difficult for the batter to hit the ball with the bat.

artificial pitching mound

The reduction of the mound in 1969 was intended to “increase the batting” once more, since “pitching” had become increasingly dominant, reaching its peak the previous year; 1968 that is known among baseball historians as “The Year of the Pitcher”. This restrictive rule apparently did its job, contributing to the wave of modern baseball batting.

How do you take care of the pitcher’s mound?

A mound is difficult for the caretakers to maintain. Usually before each game it is sprayed with water to prevent dust from spreading in the removable pitcher’s mound.

Why buy a portable Pitcher’s mound?

Buying a mobile Pitching Mound allows you to carry out the throwing practice anywhere, with the if you are a pitcher, the A pitcher will rely heavily on the rubber with his foot to gain speed towards the plate in the field. In addition, a higher baseball pitching mound, in general, favors the pitcher.

youth pitching mound

How to build a portable pitching mound at home?

A portable baseball mound for pitcher is a section of surface raised in the center of a game diamond. The pitcher positions and throws from the mound. It is practically made of mud, sand and earth. u height at the highest point is 254 mm (10 in) with respect to grammar. With the following steps you can prepare a pitcher’s mound according to baseball regulations. you don’t need portable pitching mound plans, because this guide is super easy.

Steps for make a indoor pitching mounds

1. Choose the location of the pitcher’s mound. The location must have a clear path to the main course with a distance of 18.3 meters (60 feet).

2. Determine the measures for the mound. A regulatory mound has a diameter of 5.49 meters (18 ft). The center of the mound is located 17.98 meters (59 ft) from the back of the center plate. The pitcher’s plate is located 0.46 meters (18 in) from the center of the mound which equals 18.44 meters (60 ft and 6 in) from the back of the center plate.

3. Mark the measurements. Use chalk or flags to indicate the measurements you made in the field.

fiberglass pitching mound

4. Install the pitcher’s plate. Fill the area around the pitcher’s plate with a mixture of mud, sand and dirt. The pitcher’s plate must be at a height of 25.4 cm (10 in) above the field surface.

5. Bury several mud bricks. Place the bricks in the launcher’s landing area. The landing area is where the pitcher lands his foot after executing his pitch. The landing area is the most worn on the mound. If you bury mud bricks you will give the mound more durability and reduce the need for frequent maintenance.

6. Tilt of the mound. The slope of the mound should begin 15.24 cm (6 in) in front of the pitcher’s plate. It should have an inclination towards the main dish at a rate of 2.54 cm (1 in) for every 0.30 meters (1 ft).

indoor pitching mounds

7. Ram the mound. When the mound is already in shape, flatten its surface with a rammer or with a tool with a hard, flat surface. Be sure not to leave raised portions of mud.

8. Rake the mound. Use a rake to remove stones or pieces of grass.

9. Moisten the mound with water. The mound will absorb the water and the mud will be compacted. Continuous irrigation of the mound will prevent the mound from cracking or eroding.


  • Acquire special bricks to build the pitcher’s mound. These bricks are made specifically to bury themselves in the mounds.
  • Cover the mound with a tarp when not in use. This will prevent the elements from drying the mound or washing it towards the grass.
  • Bury a block or a brick under the pitcher’s plate. This will prevent it from moving from its place.
  • You can use a special frame to tilt mounds. This will facilitate the tilt process, and they are available in baseball supply stores and you can also buy it online.

Things you will need

Measuring tape
Chalk or flags
Pitcher’s plate
Main dish
Mud, sand and earth
Mud bricks
Special frame for tilting mounds
Water hose

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