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Best Portable Speed Bumps for sale 2021

Portable speed bumps and speed hump, is a device that plays a vital role in the safety and maintenance of speed by vehicles. These are elevated areas that are placed on the road and are good safety measures in the environment of schools, parks and recreation areas where vehicles must drive at a moderate speed to avoid a possible run over.

Our products will give you total satisfaction and your roads will be safe, as well as people who transit, areas such as parking lots and much more will be protected.

driveway speed bump rubber

Buy the best portable speed bumps in amazon 2021

Purchase a best cheap portable speed bumps for sale in amazon in a excellent price.

What is small rubber speed bumps?

The portable rubber speed hump is a part for punctual use in the street. The installation of the yellow portable speed reducer is very simple, it can be folded in seconds to transport it. Includes transport bag.

The yellow black ramps is formed by modules that are joined by means of a rod, this type of part is useful to limit the speed of temporary vehicles, its installation easily facilitates on some occasion you need to reduce speed by tracks. They also work to signal in case of police breathalyzer or speed controls.

It offers stability and is non-slip. It is made of high density polypropylene plastic speed bump.

What is the difference between bump and hump?

the difference between bumps and hump is the hump are round and separated,  on the other hand, the bumps are united and with an elevation.

Types of speed bumps

Concrete reducers

They are the ones we see most in the cities. Its characteristics in height, width or demarcation are governed by the indications of the local entities. There are no efficient for situations in which its use is merely temporary, such as road works or buildings adjacent to them.

Virtual Highlight

It is a demarcation that is carried out on the pavement so that it gives the sensation of being a reducer and that the drivers are influenced to slow down. Its purpose is the same, but it is most commonly used in residential areas since it does not produce uncomfortable noise for the inhabitants of the sector.

Reflective studs

These are devices that are located on the floor as a complement to the virtual highlights or the longitudinal marking marked on the pavement. Some are made of plastic and can be found in bidirectional and unidirectional directions, while others are made of synthetic or metallic materials with high impact resistance. They are required to be retroreflective and with rounded upper edges.


They are circular or button shaped and are manufactured in high impact and friction resistant materials with a glossy finish (they are not retroreflective). Like the studs, they are usually the complement of another existing road demarcation and are often used to indicate a lane change.

Vertical signs

Road marking for speed reduction can be a complement to the highlights, or it serves to indicate the correct speed in places where it is not allowed to put horizontal highlighters on the road such as roads, avenues where transport routes travel public, with large vehicular volume and others.

Portable reducers

They are usually made of rubber. As they can be portable or mechanically fixed, they are intended to be used in places where it is required to reduce the speed of vehicles permanently or for established periods of time, such as construction or maintenance of roads or buildings.

Uses of portable Speed ​​humps

Heavy duty Speed ​​bumps are an abruptly high area on the pavement surface that works best to control speeds in low volume traffic areas. If a driver ignores them and fails to reduce their speed, they will encounter a jolt when their tires hit the obstacle.

Places where removable rubber speed bumps can be used

Speed ​​bumps can be located in many different areas, they will help keep schools safe, parking lots and roads safe, also outside of schools, community centers, public areas where the most vulnerable people could be at risk, can be located in residential areas, where families and other people can often walk, these products are perfect for areas where cars break a residential speed limit.

highway speed bumps

Road bump stops are also excellent for indoor and outdoor parking spaces where a high volume of vehicles that generally move slowly runs the risk of collisions with those that break the speed limit.

Our products can be removable and are designed exclusively to make traffic easier to calm down during certain hours near school yards or during community events and fairs as they are the best brands of speed bumps.

Why use temporary speed bumps?

There is no better way to keep the road safe than to allow prefab speed humps to do their job keeping the vehicle speed slow and safe for pedestrians to cross.

rubber speed hump

Rubber speed buffers are legal for authorized use on public roads and in any other area where they may be necessary to increase safety, they have yellow reflective stripes for high visibility at night and in adverse weather conditions are part of their DNA, which creates a very high quality product that really works for safety wherever it is installed.

Made of mobile speed black ramps

The speed bump are designed to address the current problem of speeding. Generally, both are made of rubber tires and constructed with a reflective tape to ensure maximum visibility.

The installation of these traffic rubber speed bumps is an excellent way to reduce injuries. Many drivers will pass along the road and ignore lines painted on surfaces and stop signs, but these speed pulses and speed reducers cannot be ignored when accelerating drivers.

small rubber speed bumps

These tactical roadside inserts promote awareness and make drivers sensitive to the consequences of speed.

Factors to consider of speed humps

  • Make sure the distance between each speed reducer is correct.
  • Speed ​​tires can extend from sidewalk to sidewalk, or be staggered along different sides of the road, they should not be placed too close to an intersection, drain or driveway.
  • Make sure vehicles cannot avoid or drive around the speed mounds.
  • Ensure adequate signage, lighting and visibility.

Speed ​​reducers

Temporary speed bumps are designed to reduce vehicle speeds to a minimum or even stop. It is an aggressive approach to reduce speeding.

If your parking or installation has problems with motorists who ignore the STOP signals, it is advisable to place modular speed bumps before the STOP signal can be a very effective solution. Removable speed bumps are usually installed eight feet before a STOP signal.

cheap speed bumps

If you want to reduce the speed of the vehicles, but still allow for continuous traffic, the speed reducers provide a “smoother” approach to reduce the speed of the vehicle.

Dimensiones of speed bumps

Speed ​​bumps are steep raised areas, usually 2 to 3 inches tall with a travel length of 12 inches, that can be comfortably crossed at speeds of 5 miles per hour or less. Crossing at higher speeds can cause great discomfort for the occupants of the vehicle.

Because prefab speed bumps require immediate and dramatic deceleration, they are often considered a civil liability risk on public streets and other roads where higher speeds are allowed.

If you need a speed control solution for low speed areas, such as parking lots, garages and private low-traffic roads, we are your best option, we have the best brands of heavy Duty Modular Driveway.

speed bumps and humps

Benefits of the Portable Folding Traffic Control

It is no longer necessary to have speed reducers made of asphalt for drivers to reduce their speed. Modern traffic guard portable speed bump devices are made of recycled rubber or recycled plastic, so they are easy to install for non-professionals and much more environmentally friendly.

Our road speed reducers are cost effective, attractive and do not decompose; In many regions, these products are used to protect pedestrians and make the road safer.

Speed ​​reducers are used for many applications, such as:

  • Emergency vehicles and bus routes.
  • Parking and surrounding schools.
  • Accommodation for cyclists and people with disabilities.
  • Hospital parking.
  • Public Buildings.
  • Private communities.

How far should the speed reducers be placed?

You cannot place highlights one after the other: there should be a separation of at least 50 m

Why buy a speed reducers?

Any route can be dangerous if you do not have the appropriate signs, it is no use being a good driver or always being alert. Certain areas or places in the city are more likely to have or cause a vehicle accident such as places adjacent to parks and schools where speeding can be fatal.

There are few devices that manage to reassure traffic and relax the most unbridled drivers (and even the lights of the traffic lights skip) or the distracted and the apprentices who go out to the street with greater risk of causing chaos.

Buy a best sellers removable temporary speed bumps for sale in amazon

Buying this type of Traffic Speed Bump will make the cars have to reduce the speed significantly, we are talking about reaching approximately 3 to 8 km / h and virtually have to stop stopping.

It is available in different sizes and sizes, the important thing is that you can use the length you consider convenient.

Where to buy a cheap portable speed bumps? see the offers in removable speed bumps for sale in the follow links in a good price.

Bestseller No. 1
Rage Powersports Guardian Modular Speed Bump - 72" Long
  • Creates a safer driving environment for roads, parking lots, and more
  • High visibility coloring with eight reflective beads for low light areas
  • Mounting holes allow for permanent installation on asphalt or concrete (hardware sold separately)
Bestseller No. 2
Scinotec 6 Feet Rubber Speed Bumps 1 Pack 2 Channel Reductores De Velocidad 27000Lbs...
  • 【1 PACK 2 CHANNEL】 Rubber speed bump size: 72x12x2.4". 2 channel designed, Single channel size:1.5*1.4"
  • 【INDUSTRIAL-GRADE MATERIAL】 made of superior industrial grade rubber to protect motor vehicles, durable and solid, anti-slide surface, Load Capacity:...
  • 【RECYCLED & LIGHT SMELL】 Recycled rubber material and it smells light. Rubber materials can be recycled and reused to make other rubber products...
Bestseller No. 3
Guardian 10' x 2' Single Lane Speed Hump
  • Single lane road traffic calming speed hump
  • Gradual slope with 10' x 2' road coverage
  • Reduces vehicle speed by 10 to 20mph
Bestseller No. 4
Happybuy 2pcs 6 Feet Rubber Driveway Modular Heavy Duty Speed 72.4 x 12 x 2.4 Inch...
  • 【CABLE HOSE PROTECTOR】- Amount: 2pcs; Color: Black+Yellow; Channel: 2; Product Size: 72.4x12x2.4"; This cable ramp protective cover is constructed with...
  • 【HEAVY-DUTY CAPACITY】- 22,046lbs load capacity of the driveway curb ramp, designed to control the speed of cars and trucks, meanwhile, with 2 channel...
  • 【HIGH SAFETY DESIGN】- This rubber ramp is textured on surface to increase friction, which will ensure safety of car passing. Black+yellow colored...
Bestseller No. 5
Vestil SBRY-72-A Black Heavy Duty Speed Bump, Asphalt, 72" Length, 11.75" Width
  • Rubber speed bump is ideal for warning drivers in Parking areas and warehouses
  • Reflective diagonal stripes and ‘cats eyes’ are for visibility and maximum efficiency
  • Features durable construction for added strength and long life

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